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AFTER-MOUSE.COM offers you a totally new experience thanks to the motion sensing technology of Kinect™ for Windows® powered by Windowsreg; 7/8!

AFTER-MOUSE.COM will develop your custom made Kinect™ for Windowsreg; application to suit whatever requirements you may have. Whether you're looking for a retail solution to showcase your products, or an entertaining interactive experience to engage your customer, AFTER-MOUSE.COM can design what you need. The Kinect™ for Windows® sensor enables you to "simulate touch" through simple movements and gestures. There's no need to touch a device, you simply need to move: you are the controller!

This new technology does away with the need for a touch screen: you can interact at a distance with any television (connected to a Windows® 7/8 PC) simply by moving. This natural and intuitive technology opens up unlimited possibilities, helping you cut costs dramatically, as the only hardware needed is a conventional display device (screen, projector, etc.), a Windows® 7/8 PC and a Kinect™ for Windows® sensor. Users have complete freedom to interact with the display device, whether it's right beside them or behind glass. As no contact is required, it's a completely hygenic product and particularly well suited to fields such as healthcare, or as a unique communication and display tool at events, trade shows, or anywhere!




         Mazda Showroom App                               Scratch Card Game                                   Presentation'Move


                 Retail'Move                            ECard Gesture App. Coming Soon!            Off-The-Shelf Apps Available




Technical information


The device responds to your movements:

The device uses infrared sensors together with adaptive depth-recognition technology to capture the user's physical movements in real time. This approach enables very precise analysis, including three-dimensional measurement of movements (forward and back), and above all minimizes interference.  Kinect™ for Windows® enables users to interact over a wide range of distances - whether close up (as little as 80 cm./32 in.) or far away (up to 3.5 m./11.5 ft.). The sensor works equally well in the dark, and also when exposed to bright light.